Hi, I'm Simon RENOUX, student in PEIP1 at Polytech Nantes. I'm a back-end developper in TypeScript, Go, Java and Python

foxboy Minecraft

Minecraft player since 2019 with the accounts fantomitechno and fant0mib0t.
Creating new things around the game in greater quantities since a few month, with the addition of mods with Fabric (in Java) or by botting my account with Mineflayer (in JavaScript/TypeScript)

foxboy Discord

Administrator of The Tutorial Bazaar and developper for the Kani™ - Network
Consulting developper for KaniShiel
Principal and unique developper of Higa
Developper of Aragorn1008

foxboy Visual Studio Code

Creator of differents projects in TypeScript, like Higa , in Java, like DinnerMod or Bingo1Watcher, in Python, with somes projects for my college , and in Go, with an app for my colleages in PEIP

foxboy Twitch

Reccurent viewer of MathoX
Streamer some times
Developper with the Twitch API of a mod for MathoX's birthday and of my own bot for my channel, fant0mib0t_

Coding skills

Software skills

Windows & Linux70%
Google Workspace (Docs, Drive, Sheets...)60%
Git, GitHub & GitLab60%
Trello & Notion50%
Visual Studio Code60%
JetBrains' software30%


Polytech Nantes

A public ingnieer school from Nantes Université, member of the Polytech network


The PEIP is the preparatory class for Polytech schools

I'm learning the basics of physics and maths.

Lycée Aristide Briand

Public general and technologic high school in Saint Nazaire


General year

I learned mathematics and computer science.
Specialities Mathématiques and Numérique et Sciences de l'Ingénieur


General year

I learned mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry.
Specialities Mathématiques, Numérique et Sciences de l'Ingénieur and Physique-Chimie


General and technologic year