A package to interract with the Discord API coded by myself

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What is Higa ?

It’s a Discord API package builded by fantomitechno.

Why a new one as Discord.js exist and is powerful ?

Just because I want to train myself and doing a project like that can be very interesting. More over, I don’t agree with some of the ways Discord.js do some things so as I can’t have myself to understand its code to do a fork, I decided to write my own libr/ary to do things like I want.

Finaly, why the name Higa ?

Higa is a character from Swort Art Online (really good anime 🙃) and I wanted a reference to that anime so I thought about the personnages I liked the most : Kayaba, Yui, Eugeo… And after some thinking, I remembered this personnage : a developper for the Fluctlight project, exactly who I wanted ! ^^