Hello, I'm Simon R.

aka fantomitechno
foxboy who plays Minecraft
I'm a 19 yo student at Polytech Nantes. I mostly do backend stuff like API and bots, but I also do modding for Minecraft with the Quilt Loader. But the most of my time is passed starting projects... never finishing them and repeating


I create random projects so I have... a lot of them
  • Bingo1Utils, a minecraft Fabric mod created for a bingo datapack created by friends
  • Ender Relay, a minecraft Quilt mod implementing a proposition by Kenadian
  • ftb.tv, my twitch bot to moderate my livestream and give usefull informations
  • Time Voyagers, a blog created for english classes with Astro (like this very website)
  • and more on my github page and multiple github organizations I'm part of